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    Several studies have indicated there are many benefits of humor and laughter in self confidence that can be summarized as follows:

    Strengthening of social cooperation, stimulating the mind, creativity and imagination. In addition, comprehension of the requirements of others and interact and talk to people as well as to get near to them and win their hearts and relief from anxiety and anger.

    For any physiological results of laughter, it provokes activity in the brain and neurological system, and enhances the heart beat rate plus the secretion from the hormone adrenaline, which is followed by relaxation and enhances the immunity process.

    A few of the characters by their nature are usually extrovert and loves humor.

    People vary inside their tendency to laughter and humor, and perhaps of schizophrenia and mental retardation individual laughs by using an ongoing basis, and in cases of severe depression, the sufferer may not laugh in any way.

    People enjoy probably the most inclined to balance emotional humor.

    Humor could possibly be the expression of an aggressive and whenever the invention from the weakness of others or even to enjoy reducing just like the others, was found to become probably the most aggressive cartoons be a little more interesting and funnier than the others.

    Several studies stated that the humor is associated with the creative personality significantly, knowning that humor is similar to facilitator from the creative process plus the creative process facilitates producing Humor, Creativity and humor tend to be according to imagination and mental flexibility and fluency of expression and ideas, attitudes, relationships and novelty and uniqueness.

    Humor using a social function for connecting with people and to obtain the interaction between individuals and groups, also to control the behavior of others ridicule or remove fear, and attack the political, religious and social power, and in the transfer of info towards the people a warning and promoting social cohesion, also to identify patterns of acceptable behavior through criticism and ridicule and disclosure of social defects, and modifying the incorrect decisions and improve the poor conditions.

    There are actually ethnic jokes according to racial, religious and national characteristics, in addition to the special qualities of certain areas or certain group or possibly a certain type (male or female) or possibly a certain age, it absolutely was biased against among the categories.

    Studies show an inverse relationship in between the prevalence of political Mexican jokes and political freedoms, these are a ploy to face up to injustice and violation of freedom of opinion and expression.

    Enjoy these Mexican jokes and manage your worries.